January 7, 2012

Fashion Friday: Canadian Tuxedo

It's true that I've never been to Canada, but I always thought the hilariously titled Canadian tuxedo was more country than anything else. You know, for farmers and folks who need sturdy clothing for heavy wear.

In any case, my favorite way to wear denim on denim is by mixing shades and adding knits for texture. Riding boots required.

Note to self - always by 2 pairs of jeans that fit well. Knee tear or not - I am not giving up on these faded black jeans.

Oh and yes, I did stack that enormous pile of wood!

Happy Friday!!


Cassie said...

I love it!! I've never been to Canada either...but when I go, I am going to wear a Canadian tuxedo! =)

Bekleidung said...

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Anonymous said...

If either of you beauties want to visit Canada, drop me a line ;-) I'll wear a matching Canadian Tux and we'll hit the town!