March 31, 2011

4th Birthday Dress + Rainbow Cake

The twins celebrated their 4th birthday on the first day of spring. We had a fun, low key day - hanging out, doing whatever they wanted with cake and corn dogs for dinner followed by their first time at the movies to see Rango. (I liked the movie maybe even more than they did!)

They love baking and helped to make a 4-layer rainbow cake with funky frosting -yum! (I've seen this idea several places online, but sorry no links as to where).

Even though they knew we put food coloring in the mix it was still a surprise to cut the first slice!

Leah got a special birthday dress made with Simplicity 2767 in her current fav colors - pink and green. The fabric is from lines Hunky Dory (Chez Moi) and Hushabye (Tula Pink). She loves it and is wearing it again today even!

The sleeves are the very best part of the this dress! The little pleats make it extra special.

An invisible zipper down the back (although the invisible part didn't work out quite right).

And of course the matching hair ties. Her hair is just so sweet in low pigtails.

Keegan is a jeans and sweatshirt guy just like his dad and picked out his own clothes here. I didn't push it since it was his day. He got his first BB gun and ran around exclaiming "I got a real gun just like dad!"

Unfortunately he isn't quite strong enough to cock it on his own yet. Maybe by fall he can go squirrel hunting with dad.

They both had a great day and I must say having a small family party is so much less stressful for all of us than a big party with tons of guests the kids don't really know. This is definitely the way to do it.

(Despite that last statement, did you see this Dora themed party on Prudent Baby? Crazy!!)


jamie long said...

that dress is amazing sabrina, and I definitely loved Rango more than the kids.

Cassie said...

That dress is gorgeous! I am getting ready to attempt a rainbow cake too! My 12 year old wants a rainbow, unicorn, mustaches and tacos party.

Nati Tristan said...

This is adorable!!! that cake looks delish and that dress came out prefect! Adorable!

Katherines Corner said...

Love this post!!!! Happy Friday Hugs!