March 30, 2011

we QUILT this city

Finally, finally Mr K's quilt is completed!! Can't believe it took almost 6 months! Don't know why I have that Starship (Jefferson Starship?) song in my head but it's there to stay.

Very orange. It didn't turn out quite like I'd imagined but he still loves it. I guess I bought that orange because it was the only high quality solid at the fabric store that matched the color scheme.

Rather than quilting, I just sewed around the boxes - on the inside and outside.

I really like the contrast of the light binding on the edges. Hours and hours of hand stitching that on but the result really is worth the effort.

Right after these pics, he wanted to go inside and make the bed with his new quilt. Am sew glad he loves it!

Enjoy the sunshine today!!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous quilt, Sabrina! What a treasure for your son. The colors look right up his alley :)

darkpoetess said...

super cool quilt - i know how long it takes because my mum made one for me and made a mini book charting her progress :-) good work - love the colours x

Nati Tristan said...

Awesome quilt! It's beautiful and looks so comfy!

ArlaMo said...

I'm loving orange and aqua combos lately - this quilt is so pretty!

jamie long said...

I love that marigold color sabrina, its awesome to make something for someone and they appreciate it.