September 6, 2010

Sick day(s)

Hello again! Yes, I have been MIA for the last few days, but I swear there was a good excuse! First and foremost, I had to spend some quality time with my dearest camera before I laid it to it's final rest last week. There was a brief recovery period after that awful river plunge a few months back and I really thought everything was going to be okay. Then last week, photos were turning blurry and finally the darn thing just stopped turning on. I mourned for a few days, and then after the suggestion of a friend, decided it was time to upgrade to a newer model. I really want to be better at taking photos, and although I know a fancy camera can only take you so far, I believe an SLR will help a lot.
Has anyone had luck with the Canon Rebel XT? It's a bit out of my price range but I did find one for half the cost on Craigslist. Buying used electronics does make me a bit leery though. I suppose as long as it can be tested and then upload some photos before the cash is exchanged it will be okay. That's what I'm telling myself.
So until the 15th we are going to have to make due with camera phone quality images. Sigh.

Secondly, I have picked up a terrible bug and have been coughing, wiping noses and also a tad feverish for the last few days. Between my daughter and I, we used 3 boxes of kleenexs since Friday. The worst part is that when I lie down to actually get some sleep, I start wheezing and can't get a deep enough breath. So I can't sleep except propped up in the recliner which just isn't that comfortable anyway. Sorry to complain - I just hate being sick! The worst of it over though and last night I managed to get about 12 hours of much-needed sleep.

The energy I did have this weekend was spend rearranging and now I have a whole room to call my own for crafting, sewing and daydreaming without interrupting anyone! Before, I had a little section in the living room all to myself but the lights would keep the kids up during nap and bedtimes (prime momma time), the sewing machine would interfere with the TV reception and when I did get to work on a project, my supplies would be spread out throughout the living room and covering the kitchen table. But no more! I can't wait to have everything up on the walls and to share pictures with you!
I'll be back tomorrow (promise!) with some sub-par photos of my new room and hopefully, if my zipper adventure goes well, possibly a completed frock by friday. Night ♥


Jacinta said...

Glad you're over the worst of it. Cool about a new work area! And exciting about a new camera too. :)

Robin Gurwell said...

I'm a little behind in viewing your blog! You've been really busy! Did I miss the pictures of your new room or have you just not had time to post them? You deserve it! I'm glad you got it!