September 7, 2010

Cancelled Coffee Date with Alexander Dress

Just wanted to share a photo of my nearly completed Frock by Friday before the sun went down and it gets too dark for picture taking. I ended up using completely different fabrics than originally intended - there was not enough of the top material to put together the blouse, so I used some plain white fabric to make the coffee dress style top with a vintage Valentino bodice pattern and improvised on the ruffle. Then last night while testing out the dress before sewing in the zipper, I discovered my Kardashian proportioned behind is too large for the skirt and it ripped out when I sat down! The horror! In my despair, it occurred to me to just give up after absolutely nothing working out on this project but instead I chose a different, more season appropriate fabric and spend naptime today picking out the seam that attached the skirt to the top and sewing on the new version. I even added belt loops! Tonight I will attempt the zipper and hopefully can share some real world photos with you tomorrow. I'll add them to this post so check back.

EDIT:  The zipper turned out okay, a little lumpy in the back but not bad for a first timer. The top fits well but the skirt shape is a little bland. I like that from the front, the dress looks like something you could wear to work but the bold black zipper from the back side makes it a little more edgy. Here they are, my camera phone quality pics:

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