August 2, 2010

Thank you sleep

Today was a really good day.

After yesterdays's nap, followed by a full ten hours of sleep, I managed to get more done than I usually do in two days. In case you are interested, that includes:

deep cleaned the kitchen
took the kids to the park
2 loads laundry - folded and put away
trip to multi-purpose center - got back full of fabric notions, a dress, 2 skirts, 2 vintage pillowcases and a lamp shade for a total of $2.50
prepared 3 meals
printed/taped/cut pattern for my first ever Frock by Friday, courtesy of step by step directions from Kathleen of Grosgrain.
exercised and showered
arranged and pinned fabric for rail fence quilt
posted this blog
and will hopefully be finishing "The Hound of Bakersvilles" before the clock strikes twelve.

To top off the day, the Fairytale Garden Bubble Dress from Thursday was listed on CraftGossip today (thank you Anne!) and will also be linked to in tomorrow's Daily DIY at One Pretty Thing (thanks again Rachel!!). And thank you so much to everyone who stops by via those links - I truly apprecitate it! My husband wouldn't allow me to spend all my time crafting if he thought it was in vain.

Let's see if I can make this day a week long streak! See you soon.

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