May 19, 2010

How-To: Scrap Bias Tape + Doll Quilt

Finished up the second baby doll quilt today, the pillows were completed last week. I am really happy with how these turned out think the girls like them equally.
Since the plain patchwork is so simple to do and I love the homemade look of the scrapwork bias tape along the edges of the quilt, I thought I would share a tutorial with you on how to make it yourself. This is a for a single-fold tape.

You will need:
scrap fabric at least 2"x2"
hot iron
threaded sewing machine
needle and thread
stick pins

First you will need to collect your scraps and cut several strips of fabric that are 2 inches wide. They can be as long as you like. Make sure the total length of the strips is slightly greater than borders of your quilt.
For example - the doll quilt above is 12.5" x 15".
I add 12.5 + 15 + 12.5 + 15 + 3 for a total of 58".
The additional 3 inches is for seam allowance and for overlapping.

Second, sew all the strips of fabric together with a quarter inch seam allowance - keep right sides of fabric facing. Backstich the ends.

Lay your fabric strip facing down on the ironing board and press the seams flat. They likely won't be wide enough to press open but you can try for a more seamless look.

Starting at one end, fold the strip in half and iron to hold in place, moving down until the entire strip of fabric has been ironed in half.

Next open the strip and fold one quarter section into the middle. Press to hold, moving down the entire strip.

Fold the opposite section into the middle and press with iron. Complete the entire stip. It will now be half of the original size.

Fold the strip in half so it is in quarters and the raw edges are touching the center. Press with iron to hold in place.

Now round the corners of whatever you will be attaching the tape to - it will wrap around the round corner much better than a square corner.

Pin the tape to your project, folding the top edge under where the ends meet.
Pin one side, sew with your machine and then sew the other side by hand.
Or, pin both sides, sew together all at once and avoid hand sewing. I sewed this quilt all at once with the sewing machine because this quilt is for a doll. I would not do this if it was for a person as I don't think it is as secure and some fabric can be missed, especially around the corners where the fabric tends to bunch.

And thats all folks, your very own scrapwork bias tape - coordinated or contrasting to match your next project.

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