May 18, 2010


This morning I dreamt that I landed this job at a scrapbooking magazine I love, Creating Keepsakes but just couldn't get my act together. They gave me a huge office and my first day my boss walked in on me getting dressed. She gave me a strange look but gracefully disregarded the awkward situation. Later in the dream, I really needed to use the bathroom but looked awful and didn't want to show my face to everyone - so I went in a styrofoam cup in the corner of my office and of course, my boss walked in on me again!

This must have something to do with the goals I've set for myself - being productive and staying on schedule, which I find difficult to always do. I have so many things to tend to everyday and somedays I find it hard to get off my behind. At my last checkup, the doctor told me that, no, natural laziness is not a condition and since I don't have any other medical problems, I would just have to figure it out on my own. My only wish is that I had all the motivation I have now to create, make and mend back when I actually had all the time to do it. One day, I will find the balance.

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