June 6, 2012

Busy Bodies

Wow has it been a busy June so far. We have had so much going on and days so full that I can hardly believe today is Wednesday and now is nearly over.

Lets start with last Friday. A nearly all day dress rehearsal. Itchy costumes and one very antsy little boy made for an extra long day, but it's the only chance for the moms who have to stay backstage to see the entire show, so worth it.

Somehow we still had enough energy to take a mile long walk down to the bridge. Actually make that run. The kids ran all the way there. We stopped to take lots of pics along the way. This one is my favorite :)

Saturday and Sunday morning both were the final T-ball games of the season.

And in the evenings we had dance performances. They had one great show and lots of fun with all the primping, make-up and back stage girl time. Very cute :)

Also hit the big 6-month mark with this pregnancy! Still need to take some belly pics of that. Have been cleaning, planning and organizing like a mad woman! Hope this energy keeps up cause there is so much to do.

I've been making a bunch of stuff too but either I can't share it yet or am just to lazy to take pictures other than in Instagram - hope these will suffice ;)

These nightgowns were made from some pretty vintage pillowcases that have been in my stash for a while. Made them to look similar to the dress from this tutorial by Blooms and Bugs if you want to create something like it. I tucked instead of gathered and added fabric flowers in place of a bow.

Made some jammy pants too with skully fabric and this tutorial by Dana Made It. These were my first ever pants and wow they were way easy! I will no longer fear legged bottoms!

A customized planner for keeping track of summer days.

And a  few baby bibs using scrap fabric and this simple tutorial by SewSheSews. Skipped the quilting part and they still look super cute :)

Phew, that was a long post! Hope it counts for the whole week cause I think I'd rather spend the week creating instead of online. See you soon!


jamie long said...

That planner is AWESOME!! you look beautiful :)

Izzy Anderson said...

Great pics. You have such a beautiful family. Love those nighties from vintage pillow cases. What a wonderful idea!

Love your blog. Following. :)