May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites

The first full week of summer break was wonderful! No bored kids arguing and fighting and no mom about to loose her mind. We made it a point to go somewhere or do something extra fun at home every day and everyone was happy. Let's just hope I can keep it up for the next 3 months.

Since I don't have anything to share today, I'll give you a list of some things I've been excited about lately.

1. Sweet Dreams by Rose A Lewis. The story in this children's book is very sweet and one I wouldn't mind reading over and over again, but it was the illustrations by Jen Corace that got me. Absolutley magical and inspiring.

2. October Afternoon's 9-5 Days of the Week washi tape. Just picked some up in the Paper Issues shop.

3. This darling line of fabrics by Maude Ashbury - Crabtastic. I'll definetly be whipping up some bibs for baby will several of these prints.

4. My lovely friend Marissa's pin board, Itsy Bitsy. The most charming collection of things for little ones. Even if you don't have little ones yet, it's sure to make you swoon.

5. Just discovered the Cirque de Bebe blog yesterday. Sewing projects for little boys with the most adorable fabrics and amazing photography. I honestly didn't think boys sewing could be just as cute as girls', but Sophie proves otherwise.

Hope your Memorial Weekend is great! ♥

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