April 9, 2012

Easter Moments

Easter was wonderful this year and of course it all went by so fast that I was barely able to document it. The egg hunt was on and over before I even realized there was a camera around my neck and brunch was cooked, eaten, cleaned up and most everyone had left before I remembered to pull it out and capture the moment. The only pic I did take was one with the phone camera of my Easter sweetie and her basket of goodies. Oops.

I find it so hard to both document and live in the moment and wonder how so many others can do it so well. Share your secrets please!?

Last year I remembered to take lots of pics and created this 2 pager with several photos from different Easter events. My fav part is the little word banner at the bottom of the page.

Hoping your week will be just as blessed as your holiday was. Hugs.


JulieK said...

Beautiful layout! It's really hard to do it all. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras! I've learned to always carry a camera in my purse. I have my big camera for planned events, my point and shoot that I carry in my purse, and my cell phone for spur of the moment opportunities. With all that- I still miss out on great moments.

Samantha Wright said...

Such a pretty layout!! Great job!

Leah Crowe said...

I'm learning to use my camera phone more.. but if you're the one hosting/entertaining guests, I find it near impossible to gather many photos.. I think next time I host, I'll leave my camera's out and ask for people to pick it up and take some for me.. maybe even disposables? LOVING your 2page layout... that banner is so fabulous, and of course I'm loving the mix of color and b/w photos.