April 11, 2012

at 16 Weeks

Four months went by so quickly. And I have no doubt the remaining 5 will follow just as fast.

I am definetly showing and have settled into the maternity pants and flowy skirts. For some reason this time I am feeling super feminine and have been wearing lots of girly colors, skirts, dresses and even styling my hair. No make-up though cause my skin is looking awesome!

Getting the kids ready to be big sisters and brother. We've been talking a lot about what it will be like to have a baby around, watching baby videos and looking through old baby albums. Little miss already asked how the baby will get out and wouldn't settle for a simple "the doctor will help it get out" answer. Oh my.

Very excited to find out girl or boy so I can begin preparing and sewing and nesting! So happy to have my energy back plus what feels like a little extra.

All in all, feeling happy. Very happy. ♥


Samantha Wright said...

Aww baby bump :-)

WillieburgScrapper said...

Super sweet photo and post- so happy for your guys!!

Leah Crowe said...

You are definitely glowing, such beautiful photos!! Happy you have your energy back.. such a nice feeling to get that spring back in your step. :)