January 9, 2012

Parliment Tiered Maxi Skirt

Finally! I had a chance to take a photo of the maxi skirt I made in December. It feels so elegant and was the perfect thing to wear to the ballet. A big beautiful column of winter white.

Of course I had to sneak off alone to take the pics so the 3rd column is flipped up in every photo unknown to me until editing. Buuut since it took so long to get any pics at all I figured I could live with it :)

This gorgeous embroidered fabric was sent to me by my lovely friend Jacinta of Model Mumma. The tag said it was made in Switzerland and it is truly the most luxurious fabric I've ever worked work. Thank you a million times over Jacinta!!

For the pattern, I layed out a maxi dress and traced the shape onto muslin, rounding out the hip area a bit and slimming down the width to make it more form fitting. Each layer of the lacy material (I'm not sure what you'd call it, do you?) is sewn directly onto the muslin and overlaps the next layer by about an inch from the scallop.

You can see in the second photo how the material bunches up at the top layer. If I did this again and if you try it, I def recommend ruffling the fabric for the top layer to give a little room for movement and so you don't get the same bunching. Or maybe just making the whole dress a bit wider. That might even work better!

The waist is cinched with a wide black strip of elastic which makes it easy to slip on and is great for keeping your top perfectly tucked in. I scored this grey silk beauty at a thrift shop, tags still attached!

So do you like it?! Cause I just LOVE it and it makes me feel so pretty.

Also wanted to mention how honored I am to have my Taking Flight top included in the Best of Burdastyle - Handpicked of 2011!! It's in there along with some really amazing designs like the Ruffled Trench and cute bow shorts. Definitly worth taking a look!

Have a wonderful week!


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

OH MY GOSH! Who would've thought you could've made a skirt from that fabric?! That is amazing. Love what you've done with it and so glad you made something to wear from it! It's gorgeous!! :) xoxo

The Southern Product Queen said...

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