January 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: I Know What Boys Like

(Paisley sweater - Alfred Dunner - vintage, white jeans - Gap, black wedges - Target, cap - thrifted)

Yea, sure I know what boys like girls to wear. I think we all do. ;)

Tight, short, high, low-cut, and sheer are a few descriptive words that come to mind.

And my husband is no different - only that he doesn't want me to wear any of those things. Not that I'd want to anyway. I've dressed the same way pretty much for as long as we've known one another and although I think he recognized and appreciated that I had a style, he has never really liked my clothes.

In fact the more I love a particular item, the more he dislikes it. Take this sweater for example. Gray and brown paisley with lovely gold buttons and shoulder pads. Sort of a boxy fit. It is my very favorite sweater and I have been disallowed to wear it when we are going out in public together. He even hid it from me once and said he threw it away. I cried.

Now before you get upset, realize that he has a few things that I don't like him to wear when we go out together either. The bandannas, the cheesy ribbed sweaters. So we compromise. I don't wear what he dislikes and vice versa - just for dates, not everyday. It works for us.

So how do clothing and style work in your relationships? Do either of care, do you dress to please your man or do you just tell him to stick it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Chandra said...

Love a girl who can pull off white in the winter! Absolutely love the look :D New to your blog and glad I found your little space on the web. You've inspired me:D

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Great outfit! I'm sorry to hear that your hubby doesn't like it (can't believe he hid your clothes). Just followed you here from Marissa's linkup.