December 22, 2011

December Daily: Day 1-4

This is slowly getting filled in and here is a peek at the first 4 days. I am keeping it as simple as possible and trying to use up some older product with the new stuff. All of the journaling is tucked behind the pages.

See the cover here.

First page spread.

Day 1. Our motto for the season + a photo of all the kids by the preschool Christmas tree.

Journaling reads, "This holiday season, our main goal is to have fun. It very well be the first Christmas you remember years from now and I'll hope you'll look back on it as pure magic. Let's start new traditions, continue old ones and enjoy every moment as much as possible."

Letter to Santa. I sat down separately with each of the kids and helped them write a letter to Santa. They had to think of the ways in which they've been good and what nice things they have done for others before telling what gifts they wanted for Christmas. My worst fear is having ungrateful children so this was a good moment to teach appreciation and kindness. And their answers are always so funny!

Day 2. Elf on the Shelf - Chippy

Journaling reads, "A new tradition we started this year is Elf on the Shelf. You named him Chippy. He pops up in different locations every morning and you all are so excited to find him. I love hearing the different explanations of where he went and how he got there - mostly by flying. He injects a little bit of magic into every day and is well loved."

Day 3. Crafting

Journaling reads, "Tis the season to make crafts. You love digging through my scrap supplies to make your own art and I just love seeing your interpretation of a winter wonderland."

Day 4. All tuckered out.

Journaling reads, "You two spend the weekend decorating, singing carols, and eating treats with your Nana and when you came home tonight, you fell asleep next to each other on the couch at 7pm. It was so sweet and I love knowing how much fun you have when you are away."

Hoping you are enjoying these last few days before Christmas!!


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Sarah said...

Your DD is Beautiful so far!! Can't wait to see the rest :)