November 11, 2011

Peace & Love

Oh my goodness. I've spent all afternoon setting up an InLinkz account. Not at all as difficult as I thought it would be. You can find my very first collection below.

This is the page I created using the color palette for Crate Paper's color challenge for November - pink, orange and blue. A very fun bunch of colors if I do say so. Also set up the page using the current Paper Bakery sketch. Veered quite a bit away from the original design when all the extra photos weren't working but the focal elements are still in place.

The photos are from our 2nd anniversary night out. Wow. Only 2 years? It feels so much longer considering we have been together for like 6 years or so, on and off. But year 2 was much smoother than year 1. We both know what to expect from one another and what not to expect. And we both make the effort to diffuse the situation by making a joke or whatever when conflict arrives rather than getting into an argument. Just makes life easier. A ride in the park if you will.

And I ate an entire plate of desserts for dinner that night too, which was so awesome!

Here's the sketch,

and the image I used for inspiration (via pinterest). Love how the sidewalk turns here.

Have a beautiful weekend!



jamie long said...

I dont even know what linked in is lol! I do love that page, and those shoes.

Christina said...

this lo is awesome!! very cool color combo & yeah for 2 yrs, many many more sweet friend!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous Sabrina! I LOVE how you ended up using the sketch :)

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! Great job!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Love this page PINNED! I really like the bicycle/road motif for the theme- that's DEEP woman! Good to see you have the InLinks account- it makes buying the products so much easier since I'm constantly running around after I see you use something. :)
The colors and design here are FABULOUS and congrats on 2 years- may there be many many more!

Laurie! said...

I love the inspiration you used for the layout! Very cool!

Keshet said...

Ha, I started setting up inlinkz, but it was taking a while and I had to run! Love this project!