November 7, 2011

Clean Teeth, Happy Mouth

Okay, sort of a silly topic here, but this page is about the kid's first trip to the dentist. (No that isn't a giant potty they are sitting on, as everyone who has seen this page has commented.) They were all a bit hesitant and had a hard time biting down for the X-rays but all in all a good experience.

For this page I jumped on board with the super trendy page borders and photo matting and I love it! The sketch is by Jamie from October Sky who I happen to think is super awesome and very funny. Great sketch and very easy to use.

Did a little misting and stamping and added in a few Design Adhesives elements that will be released at the CHA-W show. Love the little touch of sparkle they add.

And that's all, off to dance class. If you haven't left a comment on the Handmade Holidays Blog Hop post, be sure to do so by midnight tonight for that chance to win a great prize pack!


TracyM #6773 said...

Fab layout for this special day!!!

... here's hoping they keep their pearly whites healthy :)

Emily said...

Great layout!!!!

Edward McNamara said...

What a beautiful layout! Wifey also made a scrapbook for my daughter's first trip to dentist, and I thought it was very sweet. My daughter even brought it to school and showed it to her friends. =)