October 18, 2011

In A Pinch: Gift Wrap

So we had several birthday parties to attend last weekend and amid all the gift choosing and outfit decisions, I completely forgot to buy any sort of gift wrap. Thankfully all the inspiring ways I've been seeing to wrap gifts online lately and my ever expanding craft stash had me covered.

I added a topper to pretty up this plain dress box. It matches what's inside too :)

And here I used patterned paper to wrap a box and also to make some small boxes to hold the pretty treasures inside.

There was one more, but we were in such a hurry I forgot to take a photo!

Lots of fun to pretty up packages. More fun to give and receive.


Emily said...

OMG.... these are all so gorgeous!!! I love your wrapping!!

Cheryl said...

it's hard to give the presents away when they look this good wrapped up! x

jamie long said...

These are so beautiful Sabrina! Gift wrapping was my first paper love.

Cath said...

Great idea, Sabrina! :)

WillieburgScrapper said...

These are SO COOL! LOVE the layering- and OOOO you got Cath's attention! YAY!!!