August 22, 2011

Monster Mash!

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Oh my gosh. I go absolutely nuts for Monster Truck shows. Those great big trucks, all that raw power and dangerous stunts. Something just comes over me and I start hooting and hollering like a lunatic. Maybe it's some kind of testosterone surge in the crowd that sweeps me away; I'm not really sure?

But I'm not the only one. This little fella got caught up in it too. He attended his first show this summer in Burlington and has been all about monster trucks ever since. His toy trucks are doing tricks off the picnic table, flipping over end to end and of course crushing smaller, less superior toy cars. Love it!

Believe it or not, there was actually a 7 year old kid driving his own mini monster truck at the show (photo to the right). He jumped over some little hills and revved his engine up. It was adorable. The bigger trucks jumped buses, crushed cars and several landed upside down, requiring a tractor with even more horsepower to lift them back on their tires. Yee haw!!

The track was pretty dusty and we weren't allowed to stand by the fence during the show so the pictures didn't turn out great, but that is more than okay.

I used these chipboard suns as gears after seeing Lisa T do it in her April Studio Calico gallery. Of course my husband informed me that these gears wouldn't actually fit together in real life. Pfff. Only a boy would even notice that.

And of course my favorite part, the little banners used as flags. As soon as I saw those I knew they would be used for this purpose on this page.

So am I the only one who loves monster trucks this much?


Ursula said...

Wow, I never would have guessed that a 7 year old would be allowed to participate. Looks like a hoot!

Diane Payne said...

Great 2-pager! Love the colors in your layout!

Christa said...

This is a great 2 page layout! Love it!

jamie long said...

I voted for you! I love the non traditional take on a two pager.