August 21, 2011

August Photo Challenge: Week 3

Photo prompts courtesy of Oh So Lovely.

Day 15: My Shoes
the sandals we live in all summer

Day 16: Someone I Love
had to sneak this one, he doesn't like to be photographed

Day 17: On The Shelf
just a small selection of my craft stash

Day 18: After Dark Travel
bags packed for the weekend trip to Minnesota

Day 19: Where I Slept
it's so nice to see this side of the bed unmade

Day 20: What I Read
current favorites

Day 21: Pretty Pattern
an old quilt we have hanging as a curtain
Off to enjoy the rest of the weekend (and finish up some scrappy assignments too)!

1 comment:

Leah Crowe said...

fantastic photos!! Love the shoe one and a peek into your scrappy space :)