April 15, 2011

Baby Shower

I can't believe my little sister is having a baby! A family friend and I put together a baby shower for her last weekend at the Legion Hall.

I attempted to make a banner as lovely as the talented Cassie, but this just doesn't compare. Those new PP Soiree banner stamps are swoon-worthy however. By the way, his name will be Remington - how cute, right?!

Have a great weekend and wish me luck getting over this icky stomach flu! xo


KateB said...

I'm actually scared of Cassie's banner making skillz....I sat and watched Chez make one one day at a crop and trust me,they make them look easy but they are pretty challenging! Yours looks mighty fine to me!

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Looks so good Sabrina! Hope you feel better soon. We all came down with colds so not much better on this end! xo