December 13, 2010

Princess Birthday Week: Day 1 - Treats

Maybe I mentioned this last week, but Saturday was my daughter Aurora's 3rd birthday! It's hard to believe she is almost out of that toddler stage and is growing into such a lovely and polite little girl!!! I spent nearly 3 weeks planning and prepping and making decorations for the party only to have a blizzard warning cut back the attendance. What a shame. But we still had lots of fun and I wanted to share all the details with you in an entire Princess Party themed week!! - just in case you are planning your own princess party (minus the Disney).

I looked through lots of photos from Marie Antoinette for inspiration and although I probably couldn't bake any French pastries to save my life, was inspired to use a stuffed cupcake as her main dessert. Here is the recipe I used for the plain white cake (check out the reviews too - you need to add extra milk to keep the batter from getting too dry).

For the stuffing, I just mixed whipped cream with raspberry preserves and used a piping tip to fill after the cakes were baked. Here is the recipe for the buttercream icing - I added a few tablespoons of jam to it as well. Double the icing recipe if you plan on making more than 2 dozen cupcakes. Oh and leftovers will need to be stored in the fridge because of the whipped cream.

Mmmm, now which one shall I start with first?


kim c said...

Aurora's dress is just too cute.

darkpoetess said...

those cupcakes look HUGE! happy birthday for the little one! x

jamie long said...

Love the dress!