August 17, 2010

DIY: Lollipop Dot Ruffle Purse (Day 2)

Today is the second day and second set of steps for putting together this little ruffled purse. You can see the supply list and prep instructions on this post.

1. Take your gathered fabric and pin the bottom most layer to the jean material. Make sure it stretches all the way across the jean panel or else it won't be sewn into the seam. Sew the ruffle in place (backstitching at the ends) and continue layering the ruffles, spacing them about a 1/2 inch apart.

2. On the very top ruffle, you will need to sew the gathered seam over, or you can do what I just decided to - sew some ribbon over the top of the seam.

3. Place the other jean square on top of the ruffled section so the right sides are facing. Make sure the edges of the ruffle are tucked into the seam, but you'll want to pin the bottom ruffle up so it is not in the seam and hangs free.

4. Now is the time to change your needle to the heavy duty needle if you have not already done so. Sew the three edges of the purse together, leaving the top section open. Turn right side out.

5. Sew the two pieces of lining together, right sides together. Tuck inside the purse. Sew the lining to the purse using the honeycomb stitch or a serger. Fold inward and sew down again.

6. Mark out the area on the side where you would like to attach the eyelets. Cut a hole and attach using the anvil that came with the eyelets. If you hammer on the cement, I found it worked much, much better.

7. The next step is to sew together the edges of the strap. The seam should be on the inside. Knot one end and thread it though the grommet. Push the handle through the other grommet and knot. Both knots should be on the outside of the purse. I added an extra bit of fabric to the handle on my second version and you could do this too if you wanted.

8. The final step is to sew together the bow. Unfortunately all the photos for this step turned out too blurry to be helpful. If you're the type that learns best from visuals (aren't we all to some extent?) there is a great tut here at Instructables and another one here at Craft Gossip for making fabric bows.

Take your 2.5 x 7 strip, sew in half the long way, turn right side out and sew together at the back. With the 2.25 x 3.5 strip, sew together, turn right side out and pin around the bow section. Hand sew to the purse.

9. Optional: Fill with candy treats and Voila! You have a little purse sweet enough to rival the sugary goodness of your special little lady.

Wish I had some more pretty photos to share, but my models have already went to bed! I'll try to get some taken in the next couple days and will post them here.

EDIT: We took some more pics yesterday of the girls drooling over the rock candy stand at the Iowa State Fair. It ended up being a very sticky mess.

Thanks for stopping by! If you make a version of your own, I'd love to see it! Post a link in the comments section.

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Jenny Lou Who said...

What a cute little bag! Thanks for using my bow idea!