August 15, 2010

DIY: Lollipop Dot Ruffle Purse (Day 1)

This little purse was inspired by a dress up caplet the girls wear and is a great way to use up some scraps! I picture a little girl in pigtails, running through a candy shop filling up her bag with jelly beans and lollipops.

Since this purse takes a little bit of time and I wanted to spend some serious QT with my little miss this weekend, I am splitting this tut into two sections. Today, Day 1, we will be doing all the prep work for the purse - cutting out the fabric and hemming the edges. Tomorrow we will sew the bag together.

Gather your scrap pile and and let us begin. You will need:

cutoff section from denim jeans
4 - 4x10 strips of coordinating fabric
1/8th yard of another fabric
2 x-large eyelets
pinking shears
scissors and/or rotary cutter
cutting mat
sewing machine
needle for denim

1. Cut the 4x10 strips in half so you have eight total 2x10 strips.  These will be the ruffles.

2. Out of the denim, cut two 7x7 squares. This will be the base of the purse. Also cut two 2x6 strips for the strap.   

3. From the 1/8 yard of fabric, cut two 7x7 squares for the lining. Also cut one 2.25x7 strip and one 2.25x3.5 strip for the bow.                

4. Iron all the pieces so they are nice and smooth.

5. Now snip the long edges of the ruffle strips with pinking shears to deter fraying. Fold over one edge and hem with a honeycomb stitch. (See C in the diagram below, second level) Use a basting stitch on the other side and pull to ruffle. The finished length should be 7 inches.

That is all the prep work. We will finish sew the purse together tomorrow.

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