July 12, 2010

the perfect lunch

I used to be pretty neurotic about eating the right amounts of food from each food group, each day, but since I've become a mom, the health of our little ones has replaced the concern about my own health. And I can really feel the effects of the neglect - sluggishness, uneven complexion and a bit of excess flesh too.

To counterbalance the fact that I don't eat breakfast, drink lots of coffee, snack the afternoon away, have a good dinner and then snack some more after the kids go to bed, I make this lunch - the perfect lunch - to help me feel healthy and get in at least a few important nutritional elements.

Caesar Salad
   2 cups romaine lettuce - fresh from the garden retains more vitamins
   6 quartered chicken nuggets - the kids are having them anyway
   1 tbsp sunflower seeds - extra protein
   8 seasoned croutons - they count as a grain, right?
   1 ounce Parmesan cheese
   lots of Caesar dressing
   grated pepper

1/2 cup of citrus fruit - pineapple or mandarin oranges, or sometimes watermelon

a big glass of water - so much more fun to drink from a goblet

Try it for yourself, having just one healthy meal in the afternoon puts you in the right mindset to make good choices the rest of the day.

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