July 18, 2010

1st Quilt! and a pillow sham

Well, technically, this is the third quilt I've put together, but the first that actually stayed together for more than one wash (apparently zig zag stitches are only good for stretchy fabrics) or that was quilted.

I pulled out these fabrics (Chloe's Imagination by Tina Givens) with the idea of making a pretty pillow sham for my step-daughter.

I cut two strips of each color and laid them out to make a standard 20x30 inch sham.

The pillow tucks in the back through an opening in the middle, no buttons, it just overlaps. On a side note, I would reduce the width to 28", her pillow is a bit smaller that 30" and its baggy on the sides even after washing.

Since there was so much fabric leftover, I decided to make a matching, lightweight quilt for the summer.

It turned out a little smaller than her bed, but I figure when she grows taller she can use it as a lounging on the couch quilt. Now I just need to make some binding with the leftover scraps.

Its machine quilted around each individual strip and then around the whole group of strips. Everything turned out very neat and even. I love it and more importantly, she loves it. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the lavender solid fabric from Joann's used for the backing and in between strips - it was really stretchy and threw off some of the measurements. If you have a suggestion for a better quality cotton solid, please leave a comment!

I am planning on making lots more quilts/pillows/etc- not because we need them but rather because there are so many gorgeous new fabrics that I can't justify buying until I clean out the stash I have accumulated!

Check back soon - I will be posting a bunch of new scrapbook layouts this week and hopefully this finished binding quilt.

Goodnight. xo

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