June 30, 2010

June Review

Hello again! We have been having some trouble with the internet this month and I have not been able to get online in weeks. I am still here, still working and wanted to share with you all the pretty things that have transpired this month. So let's begin...

Our garden is stricken with weeds, thanks to the non-stop rain, stifling heat and general laziness on my part. But I am determined to get it back into shape, minus the spinach and cauliflower, which appear to be, well, not appearing. Here, with Hank Jr:

A layout of the mini teeny boppers chatting on their cell phones, all dressed up with no where to go (based on a Studio Calico Sunday sketch):

A nautical themed, rosette bib necklace, inspired by our vacation earlier this month to Okoboji, Ia. The sand that got into the camera is the cause of the blurry photos from here on. You probably can't see it well, but the huge blue and white striped button has an anchor and rope symbol on it that I love - and found at a garage sale for 25 cents!

The father's day gift I made for my dad - he used to do a lot of photography so a film strip frame seemed appropriate to house the adorable pics of him and his first grandchild we took on a visit earlier this year. Now I just need to find a suitable frame so I can actually send it to him:

Some tasty Raspberry & Cream Cheese Stuffed Cupcakes the girls and I made to thank a sweet friend and her daughters for all the super cute hand-me-down clothes they gave to the girls (will share the easy-peasy recipe another day).

And the thank-you card:

The duct tape dress form I made courtesy of this clever tutorial from Prudent Baby. Functional not beautiful. I will definitely be covering it with muslin or maybe just paint soon:

Tee shirt dress made with said dress form. Got this at a Hank III concert we went to when I was six months preggo. The last size they had left was XXL. He even signed it! Have been meaning to do something with the tee forever and am so happy with the results. Slit neck, cuffed sleeves and ruched sights don't translate so well from these photos, that and it has been balled up on the floor of my closet since Saturday night:

My zinnias are in bloom! Can't wait to see the chartreuse ones & once it all really starts to fill out the space!

Now if only we get the internet dilemma solved, I will be back soon with lots of good things and the details of our annual 4th of July fish fry. Until then I will be reading lots of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Cross your fingers, xo

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