March 14, 2013

5 Months Old

It takes me so long to write a post these days. This one has been in the works for 2 weeks now. Getting a chance to take photos, editing those photos, jogging my memory for all the new things he's doing that were never written down all in itty bitty increments. Sheesh. But here it is - the 5th month post...

Little Eli is 5 months old now. It's so hard to believe. All of a sudden he's like a real boy - eating dinner at the table with us each night, sitting up, jabbering, playing with his toys and interacting with everyone. That baby slug phase is what so many people coo about missing the most, but I am truly more excited about an older baby I can play with. He is just as sweet as always and we are both running on a full night's sleep :)

Milestones, hmmm let's see if I can recall.

He's rolling over both ways now. Only he doesn't do it very often - normally after bath time when he's all nakey and energized or when he wakes up from a nap. But still only a couple times a week at most. Can sit up on his own also but is still pretty tippy.

Loves playing with toys and grabs at everything within reach. Whether that's my cup of coffee, bowl of cereal or items on the counter with he's bathing in the sink, he wants to check it out. And he gets mad when he can't reach something. As mush as he's into everything while still pretty much immobile, I have a feeling he will be a handful when he can actually get to things on his own.

Still teething and drooling like a madman, in case you couldn't tell from his soggy shirt. That pesky little tooth will just not rear it's head.

Eats a lot of food at dinnertime. Maybe 1/2 a cup? I just have to stop feeding him before he's ready cause it seems like too much for such a tiny tummy. I'm excited about making his baby food - applesauce, carrots and sweet potatoes so far. He loves them all.

Laughs a lot, especially for the kids and is ticklish all over. You just can't help but give those sides and thighs a squeeze.

He's started with the da da da da syllables. Dad couldn't be more excited and they can both handle being with the other without mom stepping in after 2 minutes. I will be taking full advantage of that fact soon!

He also finally takes a bottle (still nursing though) which probably contributed to above fact. Not too interested in the pacifier but found his thumb as a good substitute. It is so so cute!!

As my 5 year old daughter said "Mom, our baby is the best baby. I'm so glad you picked this one." Me too hunny.


Jacinta said...

Five months already?! I can't believe it either. My little man is almost 14 months. Where does the time go?
So glad you're having a decent night's sleep and enjoying it all. Love happy babies. And love to you too! xo

Buffy Esser said...

Oh My he is the cutest thing! I truly miss when my children were this small,my oldest is 20 ( I feel so old) and her sister would of been 14 so there was six years difference but they were always so close!

BethW said...

What a cutie! As the mother of 4 boys I consider myself an expert on the subject-and he is adorable.

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