August 28, 2012

First Week of School!

Our first day of school was last Wednesday! They did short days all week and this week is our first full week of school. So far the kids are loving their teachers, riding the school bus and making new friends. It took a couple days for them to adjust to getting up so early in the morning (and I won't lie - it was probably harder for me :)) and going to bed while the sun is still up but this week they are popping up with the alarm clock and falling fast asleep at 7pm.

They love picking out their own clothes and the girls choose their own hair-dos each morning which I hope adds to the whole feeling of being responsible big kids. It just amazes me how fast they've all grown up. And hoping it won't be too hard to adjust to starting all over with a brand new baby here in just a few weeks.

That's the new kitty that wondered into our yard a few weeks back and decided to make his new home here, by the way. He of course had to be a part of the photo :)

Miss Leah is in Kindergarten this year. She loves school and will be very good at it, I can already tell. She's made lots of girl friends in her class and has already established herself as the teacher's helper. She loves to help, always follows the rules and keeps an eye out to make sure everyone else is doing what they are supposed to as well. My bet is she will be reading on her own before winter break rolls along.

Keegan is in Kindergarten too. This one is a bit of a stinker (can you tell by the ornery look on his face?) and I feel sorry for the teacher cause she has a ton of little boys in her class! He is far more interested in playing than sitting down to do school work. But he catches on to things very, very quickly and then is ready to move on. Smart and super out-going. He talks to anyone and everyone and will make lots of friends easily.

And then there's my little preschooler. I can't get over how teeny-tiny she looks in her school clothes and back pack! Was a bit worried about her since she is pretty shy and reserved around kids other than her bro and sis and especially around large groups of people (she gets that from me) but she loves it so far. She is so proud to come home and show me her papers and tell me about the kids she talked to at recess. I am thankful that she is only in half-day this year and we still have some QT to spend in the afternoon before the baby is here and before the rush of dinner and bedtime routine each night.

My little loves, all growing up.

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