December 27, 2011

December Daily: Day 9-12

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Hey there! Hope you had the merriest of Christmas', I know we did!

The last couple days I seemed to have caught a stomach bug, combined with a enormous headache and now I am so behind on many things. Mind if I just jump right into the next four pages of the DD so I can cross blogging off the to-do list for today? Thanks :)

Day 9 and 10 spread. A fun mix of colors and patterns.

Day 9. At the Nutcracker ballet.

Journaling reads, "This was the first year either of us attended the Nutcracker and it was an amazing experience. You asked questions about little Clara throughout the show and couldn't pull your eyes away from the enchanting dancers. Hoyt Sherman is such a beautiful building and we had lots of fun exploring the corridors, stairways and antiques, all dressed up in fancy clothes."

Envie contains some extra Instagram photos from this month.

Day 10. Pierced ears

Journaling reads, "Today we went with Grandma Nette to have your little ears pierced. You were both excited and scared. Leah was very brave and went first while Rora left with Grandma. When Rora came back for her turn, we assured her it wouldn't hurt but Leah looked at her very seriously and said "It hurts!" The piercing lady could not stop laughing! You both cried but were fine after about 5 minutes, a sucker and a long gaze in the mirror.

Day 11 & 12 spread

Day 11. Birthday girl

Journaling reads, "Today we celebrated Aurora's 4th birthday! Your party was small but fancy and Grandma Nette was able to come down too. You requested a chocolate cake and cupcakes with raspberry frosting and sprinkles. You wore your lace birthday dress and a crown and gave an enthustistic "thank you" after opening each gift. I couldn't be prouder of my big girl!"

Day 12. Building a gingerbread house

Journaling reads, "We attempted to build a gingerbread house today with graham crackers, frosting and lots of candy. You each decorated your own side, but Leah especially loved putting each little piece of candy in exactly the right place. The house never did hold together, but we sure enjoyed munching on the rubble!"

Again, most of these supplies were a gift from Sarah of The Paper Bakery and the rest is older product from my stash. Links below.

Enjoy your vacation week!



Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Aww, cute family pic!
Sorry to hear you were sick, feel better soon xo

WillieburgScrapper said...

My brother bought us tickets to The Nutcracker this year- it was great!!!! Cute family photo! I like the vintagy prints you are using in you album- makes for great textures and Aurora's birthday crown is amazing!