October 25, 2011

Halloween Costume: The Black Spiderman

Halloween costume #2 - the black Spiderman. I think maybe he is Spiderman's villainous alter ego but not totally sure. He costume is way cooler and that's all the matters to the young ones.

We made a half mask rather than a full face mask for easier access to candy eating.

The costume is all attached - I just used a pattern for a one piece pajama and added a belt. Still need to stop by the store and pick up some iron on transfer paper so I can add a spider to the chest area.

The back closes with a button. Pretty simple and he really likes it.

Off to do sewing for one final costume....


Emily said...

I love the costume!! You are so talented!!

Zeffy said...

I love all 3 costumes!! I giggled when I saw how happy Little mermaid was on land!

Frances said...

Seeing that there are other superhero costumes out there, this would certainly set your kid apart from the usual Red and Blue Spiderman costume we usually see.