August 7, 2011

August Photo Challenge: Week 1

Are you participating in Oh So Lovely's 30 day photo challenge for the month of August? She included a list of prompts and it just seems so fun and easy after failing to keep up with the 52 week project earlier this year. I am not following along with each day, but using the list as a guide and editing in what works better for me. Here is my first 7 days in Instagram pics...

Day 1: Trees
the only tree on our rental property provides a great hideout from the summer heat
Day 2: In Motion
this one is always on the move; the world is her jungle gym
Day 3: In My Bag Animals
our sweet trio of rat terriers, each with a personality and temperment all his own
Day 4: Clouds
I like to think our skies here in the midwest are the prettiest ;)
Day 5: Faceless Self Portrait
you'll find me logging miles on the treadmill most weekday afternoons
Day 6: Something Fun
long nature walks punctuated by silly, impromptu photo shoots
Day 7: Close-up
the tiny, dew covered spiderwebs found in the grass each morning

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