June 21, 2011

Piggy Updates

Hey there. Just thought I'd share a few updates today about our no-longer-little piggy.

- When he came to live with us almost 3 months ago he weighed 25 lbs and was the size of a small dog. Now he weighs around 150 lbs and hits mid thigh.

- He eats a 50# bag of high protein feed about every 6 days.

- If his feeder happens to running low or if he just gets bored, he rips it off the wall. Haven't yet figured out a way keep it wired to the wall.

- He also likes to tip his water bucket. At first I think he was making a mud hole to lie in, but the pen is pretty muddy now. I've taken to watering him with the hose. He likes to drink straight from it or the kids fill up water bottles and pour it right in his mouth. So funny.

- Since all the rainstorms, the mud in his pen is about a foot. Seriously thought I was going to get stuck in the muck today.

- The stink of said muck is nearly impossible to get off. Even after a scrub in the shower my hands smelled faintly of pig. Have to take a nail brush to really scrub it out.

All in all, it has been a really fun experience taking care of this pig. The chores are dirty but not too hard, the kids love him and I love that he recognizes us and grunts and runs around the pen when he sees us coming. Definitely something I hope to do again next year.

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