March 22, 2011

They Call Me Mr. Pig

Say hello to our new friend, Ned. We brought him home on Sunday and he is already quite adjusted to his little piggy pen and is comfortable with us, the kids and the dogs too.

So comfortable in fact that he tried to mount the dog but we won't share photos of that here. Despite that incident :) , they are fast friends.

Since I've had a bit of a cloudy head all day, I'll share a list of fun facts with you about pigs:

1. Not even the shrieks of 3 toddlers who have just discovered they are sharing their bath with a wolf spider can top the ear-shattering squeal of a pig who does not want to be picked up. Yikes.
2. Boy pigs have teets too. 8 of them.
3. Even though he is the same size as our small dogs, this piggy already weighs 26 lbs - as much as our 3 year old daughter.
4. Pigs root around with their snouts, tearing up the grass and what not. It's almost like another appendage and quite adorable.
5. This little guy likes to nibble on loose clothing and also on doggy tails.
6. A pig is an omnivore and eats anything from grain to beef to egg shells. They aren't picky.
7. Some people say that pigs are as smart as dogs and need just as much attention. This little fella has gotten plenty so far.
8. When he is full grown (hopefully by the end of Autumn) he could weigh up to 200 lbs. Now that's a lot of bacon!

Sadly bacon is what he will become but we told the kids that (and I keep telling myself too) right from the start so hopefully it won't be too hard when the time comes to butcher. Either way, I'll feel a lot better knowing exactly where that bacon came from. And who knows, maybe if this little venture turns out alright, we'll get a billy goat or maybe some chickens.

Lots more to share this week, hope I get around to it all! Hope you stop back!


Christina said...

he's cute. i think you just need to keep him ;))

Nati Tristan said...

He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you decide to keep him! Look at that cute little face! Either way, he's lucky to have you guys for the amount he has to live. Other places don't take care of their animals well. Thanks for sharing!

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Mmmm bacon! Eat him! Eat him!
I think we might get some chooks for the new place... perhaps... we do eat alot of eggs.
He is one cute pig btw. :D

darkpoetess said...

this is so brilliant :-) great but hard lesson for the kids too. x

darkpoetess said...

PS the password I had to enter to post my last comment was 'pyg rowe' :-D

Anonymous said...

oh my word, sabrina, he is so cute! I just love pigs!! (My husband, who while growing up raised pigs for FFA projects and showed them at county and state fairs, thinks that I am a little crazy for loving them so much, but they are so adorable!)
Have fun with Ned! And I hope all goes okay with your kids in the fall...

kim c said...

i've always wanted a pet piggy. at least for about 6 months, lol.

michele said...

awww ... i love him!!! hope he's tasty! ;o)