March 16, 2011

Refashion: Mourning Gown

We had the misfortune of starting off the week with a funeral - our landlady passed away on Friday at the age of 92. She was such a sweetheart - couldn't hear a thing - but always lots of good jokes and lots of candy. She will be missed and I only hope that if I should live as long to have as much energy and feist and wit as she did. They told so many funny stories at her funeral about the things she said that it was hard to feel sad - and I don't think she would have wanted it any other way. Her life was certainly long and full.

Of course it is standard to wear black as a symbol of mourning but the only thing my daughter owns in black is a pair of leggings and a faded Harley tee that was once mine. After digging through the donate pile, I found a sparkly black dolmain sleeve top that was too large and got to work. The material is so stretchy so no zipper required. Also added some nude satin and tulle at the sleeves and chest.

The sleeves and bodice are a mix of a couple different Simplicity patterns and the skirt is just 2 rectangles.

It won't be long until her hair is the color of that hay again.  Here's the before of the shirt:

I'll be linking this up at Project Restyle.

This little stinker also had her first visit to the ER yesterday. She fell off the tetter-totter at the park from about 2 feet and conked her head on the metal bar below. She kept falling asleep and was disoriented on the ride home and then threw up pretty hard so we raced into town! Nothing big like this has ever happened before and I was terrified. Turns out it was nothing - not even a small concussion - thank goodness. Needless to say, we won't be playing at that park anytime soon. At least until they remove all the busted old equipment.


darkpoetess said...

x x x hope the little one's OK!

Khristen said...

That's always scary, glad to hear she's ok! It's amazing how resilient their little bodies are. Love your re-style, too! I need to dust off my sewing machine...

Sandy Ang said...

How scary it must have been when she hurt herself. Poor thing, hope she's all better now.