February 9, 2011

Punch Storage

A few weekends back, I found this wonderful wire rack buried high up in our landlord's barn of treasures (they are serious garage salers/junk collectors) and was so excited to find that it was the perfect solution for storing punches. All it took was a good dusting and a fresh coat of silver spray paint to make it new again.

Call me lazy but when I'm scrapping if I don't have all my supplies within reach on the desk or at least in plain sight, I tend to not use them. So this is perfect, although I may need to add to my punch collection now, it's looking a little sparse...;)

Here's the before.


darkpoetess said...

yay - restyle and a great use too! i am like that with my stuff - i scrap in the bright kitchen but the study/craft room is below ground. only rarely am i interested in running up and down the stairs every 5 minutes :-)

Christina said...

what a cool find! perfect!