February 25, 2011

Candy's Fine but Love is Sweeter dress

I have been looking forward to making this dress ever since I picked up the fabric and pattern at Joann's last month and totally intended to finish it before Valentine's. But it didn't work out that way. It was finished on Monday but we didn't get any photos taken until today.

I love love love the peachy pink color of the fabric! It's a mesh jersey that has a sporty feel to it which makes it wearable as an everyday dress and not just a special occasion dress. Oh and it was $1.75/yard!!

The pattern is Simplicity 2305 by Cynthia Rowley. Really cute shape but really baggy on top. Like two sizes too big. (See first photo) It probably would have fit well when I was nursing but for now I'll just have to invest in a cute red undershirt.

My fav part is the little red bows on the sleeves. Red just looks so good with this color. But other than the red belt and heels (which aren't very practical) I don't really have any ideas on how to accessorize it. Any ideas?

Here's the back. Oh by the way I added the thick band at the bottom to mimic the sleeve band. The pattern was just straight and a little too plain.

Nude satin lining inside the skirt. The top has the same mesh lining.

Or course I made a matching tunic and skirt for the girls with the leftover material. I find this is also a great way to get comfortable with the material and see how it will stretch/lay/feed into the machine. The tunic is altered dress pattern 2767 by Simplicity and the skirt was made without a pattern - it's just a waistband, folded over and sewn to a large rectangle gathered in the middle. The seam is in the back. Almost like an A-line.

We'll def have to plan a girl's date and wear them out on the town together.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo


Mandy said...

Love dress! The skirt and tunic are cute too! Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

So cute! I love your red shoes!!

Cassie said...

La la la LOVE!!!!! My favorite is also the red bows adds such a nice touch! The fabric is perfect!

Laurie! said...

cute cute cute! These are the moments when I wish I could sew!

Ellie A. said...

OH I so love LOVE it! I wish I could so I would be making stuff for my Little girl & I all the time but alas I am sewing super challenged! :(

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

I LOVE the last photo with your girls. Too cute.
I love the dress. Love the red bows. Love your poses. haha.

I'm thinking the dress will match with navy perhaps? Casual navy sneakers/flats with a navy blazer? Hmm..

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh Sabrina, you are so talented! I love the dress and your adorable little models, too!

darkpoetess said...

I thought I saw that you'd made another dress. Wow! Love the sleeves, and the red, and your shoes with it. Can't believe you made little mini-me versions too - too cute! (also like your tats btw) your dress-making skills are enviable x

*kim* said...

Love this dress!!! Those red heels are H.O.T. Sister!!!

Mad for Paper said...

How fun! makes me wish I had a daughter. The dress is great and looks super comfortable.

Sofia said...

Hi I'm Sofia and making the dress too in Satin and blue and I'm a beginner sewer and can't really understand the instructions that well and was wondering if you could help me with step 8, please I would greatly appreciate it, I've been stuck on it since the beginning of last year. You email me of sofia.barham@education.nsw.gov.au or get back to me on my blog lovalafashion.blogspot.com.
please help!