January 20, 2011

Saccharine Dreams

Normally I don't make a card or layout specifically for a pub call - because it's especially disappointing to not have it picked up - but when I saw SNR was looking for cupcake shaped cards I knew just had to make one! This card was created by printing out a cupcake clip-art image and using it to trace on some pretty patterned paper. Inside, the sentiment says, "Saccharine dreams and cavier wishes, " which made me giggle for like an entire day. Honestly, I don't wouldn't be a bit disappointed if no one else liked it.

I'm really happy with the color scheme on this thank you card - brown and teal complement one another so well! Both of these cards were created using the Lucky Girl kit, Forever Love, plus a few extras.

So glad tomorrow is Friday!


jamie long said...

I adore that cupcake card! now im hungry

darkpoetess said...

yummy cupcake ;-)