January 11, 2011

Project 52: Week 1

I really wanted to do a photography challenge this year to improve my picture taking skills, but Project 365 just seems so daunting, ya know? Then I heard about the 52 Week Project via Odd Girl Kristy and decided it was the right fit. This challenge is about capturing yourself on camera once a week, something I rarely do. It's just so hard to get a picture of yourself that you like.

Technically my 3 year old step-son took this photo, but it's still me right? I've been setting up the camera and have the kids push the shutter button a lot recently and have found I am much happier with the results than just posing to get a good picture. It's a lot easier to have fun with a little goofball behind the camera.

This picture seemed right for the first week - to me it conveys finding peace and inner harmony. Oh and balance. And isn't that what we are all on a quest for this time of year?


Christina said...

Great photo!! it is fun to hand off the camera to a little one, ALWAYS get fun pictures =)

Melissa said...

Great photo! I need to get more pictures of myself but it is always so hard, what a neat project!

Andrea said...

i agree about posing for pictures. i love this picture.

Jenn said...

Love the pic! I think your kids will appreciate having photos of their mom, too.

lisa truesdell said...

such a cute pic!