January 5, 2011

one last handmade gift

I have just one more photo book to share with you from Christmas - 2 more really but didn't get photos of the second before handing it off - oops! This one was for my wonderful MIL, who is so helpful with the kids and helps me keep my sanity:
A simple cover misted with white Mr. Huey and bound with my wonderful but seldom used Bind-It-All. The cardboard was the back piece from an 8x8 paper pad and worked perfectly with 8x8 page protectors.

Included a title page since the cover was so plain.

My husband's lifetime XL catch from the past spring.

Had a little fun with the punches here.

Notice the double Double title? Perfect for twins!

Channelling a little Jen Jockish here with all the strips.

Love this picture of our gravel road and my little speed-walker.

My fav photos ever with a little note to Grandma.

And his first catch.

Adoring their new baby cousin. Love the butterfly swarm layout by Elizabeth Kartchner and had to make one for my own.

Girls love to shop, what can I say.

The title has it covered. What a stinker.

I love an over-sized sun!

Sure it's Halloween, but you gotta thrown in some pink!

That's all for today folks! xo


*reyanna klein* said...

What a great album! Love it! :-)

Kelly said...

What a beautiful album xxx

Sasha hOlloway said...

I would love this as a gift so you are awesome for giving it. I should do these more for folks I know but I have never ..

might be a new thing ..thanks for the inspo

darkpoetess said...

sweet gift - a lot of work went into that. and you bound it too :-)

amytangerine said...