November 24, 2010

Refashion: 2 Ill-fitting Tops to Sweater Set

Sometimes the way ideas come you is just magical and other times it seems so obvious you wonder why you didn't think of it before. The second instance is the case for this sweet sweater set. I was organizing the girl's dresser when I came upon two shirts that were cute but just didn't fit that well. The long sleeve tee was just too sloppy and the sweater rode up. Into the donation pile they went. Then I saw them sitting there on top of one another, all matchy-matchy and it occurred to me that they belong together.

Of course I forget to take the before photos! To make the pink under-tank, I cut off the sleeves, made ruffle strips and attached them to the chest. It also had to be taken in about 4 inches - that material is way too loose. With the cardigan, I cut it down the center, sealed the seam with some leftover arm material and added some elastic in the neckline to keep it from drooping.

To help it match just a little more, I appliqued hearts to the elbows like this ModCloth cardi and added a bow to the tank to top off the ruffles. It turned out just darling if I do say so. What have you remade lately?


kim c said...

This is genius. Love that she's wearing her heart on her sleeve. Have a great Thanksgiving!

darkpoetess said...

you're quite the seamstress, aren't you? great work!x

Amy Coose said...

Wow, this is amazing!

Sandy Ang said...

It looks so great after your crafty makeover !