November 2, 2010

The Princess' and the Pauper

Halloween was rushed this year, as I had just gotten home from South Dakota, only to barely get in the door before we threw on our costumes and left again. I'm not sure if other states do this, but here in Iowa the kids go trick-or-treating on Beggar's night, which is a different night for every town. Kids also have to tell a joke before they get their candy and some houses demand it before they'll hand over the goods. Our joke was, "Why are pirate's so mean?" Answer: "They just rrrrrrrrgh." Keeg was a hobo and the girls were both Cinderella so I thought that was a fun twist on The Prince and the Pauper. Get it?

While I was spacing out staring at the white BG paper, all these little triangles starting popping up so I filled them in with maker. Kind of gives it a spooky, occult-ish look. Ran out of S's in the teal Cosmo Cricket alpha, so rather than pulling up the rest of the title (not that it would come up without ripping the paper anyway), I cut out the negative space and used that instead. I think it looks more fun this way anyhow.

***HELP***But as you may have noticed, the journaling is missing and there is a big empty white space that I have no idea what to do with. Can anyone please offer some advice on how to finish up this layout? I'd be eternally grateful!!

Here's some close-up pics of the kid's costumes:

And ours.

I was supposed to be Sherlock Holmes but am missing a few key ingredients - the magnifying glass, pipe and appropriate hat. Tyler was a good sport after he told me to get together his costume - a prom queen. If I am playing a man, he should have to be a woman right? He wouldn't wear his heels though :)


Jacinta said...

HEHEHE! You and your hubby's costumes are hilarious. Shame about not wearing the heels though! ;)

Gloria said...

LOL, you and your husband look great on those costumes!! Looks like you had a fun halloween:)
I love your page, maybe you could use some jouraling strips to fill the "white" looks perfect to me though:) TFS