November 29, 2010

J'adore Card Set

A few girl friends' birthdays are coming up soon (today and next month) so this weekend I whipped up these cards inspired by my best pal. She loves classic french chic and anything feminine and romantic - hopefully she approves!

The first one is for the inspiring friend in question. We were just talking the other weekend about dress forms - isn't the pearl necklace fab! The sentiment translates to: I adore your style. Neither of us speak French, which is probably silly but I think she'll appreciate it.

The next card is for another fabulously fashionable friend who I don't get to see often enough. I was so excited to find that chipboard piece that perfectly matched the shape of the flower rub-ons and I misted it using a combo of Maya Pink Lemonade and TA Vintage Pink to match the shade as well.

I really like this final card too as I am a big fan of silhouettes. The background was originally white, which just seemed so bright. Since everything was already glued in place, I painted on some mist in Buttercream but def regret it. Have not found a good use for that color mist yet! But everything else makes me happy - the doilies, bow, crown and jewels - all so girly.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (USers). Christmas season, here we come!


kim c said...

yum, yum, and more yum. great cards.

Melissa said...

Beautiful cards, I love the French, so fun!

Diane Payne said...

Great cards! I especially like the one with the mannequin on it!

lisa truesdell said...

beautiful cards!

darkpoetess said...

very stylish!