October 5, 2010

Living History Farms

The last weekend of September, my MIL, daughter and I had the chance to visit Living History Farms. It was Museum Day and admission was free - we figured it would be insanely crowded but decided to go anyway. It ended up raining the entire time so we didn't have the chance to see the working farm but since there were only a few families there, we really got a chance to talk with the people who worked there about how everything worked and what things used to be like before electricity and all those other modern commodities.

I really wanted to capture the feeling from that time period on this layout and while I think all the texture is right, I am just no good at 2-page layouts. Lots of decadence in the 1870 Victorian period. It's amazing how detailed everything is from the furniture to the seat covers. People just didn't have all the distractions that we have these days. The best part was the millinery and looking through all the little bits and bobs that they added to hats. It was interesting to hear the lady say a fancy hat cost $10 at that time, the same price as the furniture maker told us a well made end table would cost!

Rain and all, it was a really fun trip and I hope we will visit again soon. I really want to see the butter churn. xo.


debbieback said...

we've talked about going to Living History Farms for years. lived here most our lives and have never been. =)

sasha Holloway said...

that sucks it rained. I love how you really tried to capture the bits on your work. turned out great

Kristin @ Living History Farms said...


Thanks for visiting Living History Farms! Sorry about the rain, but it sounds like you and your family had a good visit, nonetheless.

We will soon be closing for the season but do have historic dinners that take place at our 1900 farm and 1875 town during the winter. Here's some more info if you'd like to check it out! http://tinyurl.com/3497zxx

Love the scrapbook page, by the way. I think you definitely captured the Victorian look with the lace and embellishments! :)