October 25, 2010

Flower Pins

Hello friends! I am back in my hometown visiting family this week but have brought along a few projects to share with you. These hair pins were made using the tutorial I put together for Ruffles and Roses. Make the flowers but rather than attaching them to the headband, slip a bobby pin through the threads in the back to secure. Stick one in your hair to create an instantly pulled together look on even the most rushed days.

These are so easy to create, especially when you make a batch - don't be surprised, family and friends, if a set of these show up in your stocking this Christmas!

1 comment:

KateB said...

am gonna watch the tutorial tomorrow..I promised my daughter earlier today that I would make her some headbands and clipees from scrapbook supplies. Gonna run to the $1 store tomorrow to see if I can find the clips.