September 10, 2010

Tiny Serger! + a card

My husband came home from his grandparent's the other night with an excellent surprise! This tiny Tiny Serger from Singer. It uses three threads, weighs just 5 pounds and is so perfect for someone like me who is just learning to serge. I have been wanting one for some time now and am just so so thrilled! Will hopefully figure out how to thread the thing this weekend - thankfully it also came with the manual.

As a token of appreciation, I sent away this card to my grandmother-in-law's twin sister and also have another in the mail for GIL herself. Hopefully she doesn't read the print too carefully - the page came out of an old war novel and is littered with trash talk - am not too worried about offending her - she has a healthy sense of humor.

Hope you all have a marvelously relaxing and productive weekend!

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