September 21, 2010

Hank Jr.

This sweet photo of my little baby Hank was taken three years ago just after I brought him home. As the smallest of the three pups left, he could fit completely underneath his brothers and was hiding and shivering beneath them on that fridgid March day. His coat was much thinner than the others and his temperment completely submissive (test the disposition by rolling the pup on his back to see how much of a fight he puts up - Hank gave no struggle at all) but I fell in love with the little guy on the spot. He might be a runt, but he's my little runt. Rat terriers range from 10-20 pounds on average, but as an adult he weighs just 7 pounds.  He runs free on our acreage but never strays far from the house, barks excessively to let us know when anyone pulls up the drive and is the best snuggler a girl could ask for - yes, he sleeps in the nook behind my knees at night.

I thought this Studio Calico sketch by Stephanie Wheeler with the triple photo did his cuteness justice. For the mask, I used the plastic holder piece that comes with my husband's bullets - I love rescuing garbage to be used in scrap projects and the best part is I'll have a different mask for every gauge size he has in the gun cabinet!

Love all these layered bits under the title and really wish it had been my own idea! Journaling reads, "The sweetest, most loyal, cutest pup ever...Hank Jr."

P.S. There was a Hank senior, but he was stolen from our yard several years back.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

omg hank is too adorable!!! love the masking on the layout, girl!

The Higgenbottom said...

Hank is so cute! and so is your journal. i had no idea that's how you test a pup's submissiveness, but rolling them on their back totally makes sense.