September 28, 2010

Fall colors

Nearly completed the little boy's quilt I've been working on this past Sunday and likely would have had it all done other than the binding if the stinkin' batting wouldn't have been too small. Somehow this quilt grew an extra 5 inches length and width-wise without me changing the original dimensions. Clearly my math skills are leaving me along with my short term memory. Sigh.

Still so ORANGE but I can live with it. Orange is usually a color I steer clear of, but for little boys it is so cuuute! Hopefully I'll hit the fabric store this week to pick up a new batting, although my mind is swirling with halloween costume ideas so this project may have to resume its place on the back burner.

Until tomorrow...


lisa truesdell said...

what an adorable quilt - i'm loving the orange. =)

Keshet said...

I'm so impressed--I'm dying to learn to quilt. But I dont' even know where to start!