May 11, 2010

Simple Baby Doll Blanket & Pillows

Looking at this lovely stack of fabric makes me so happy! My grandma-in-law has told me several times to make a quilt so I ordered some pretty fabrics to get started from Hawthorne Threads and Pink Chalk Fabrics. And since I usually mess up the first time I make something, I figured it would be a good idea to do a little practicing first with some fabric from my scrap pile.

My girls are constantly pulling the pillows off their beds and grabbing dishtowels, washclothes or tshirts to wrap their baby dolls in - I decided to make a set of baby bedding for the dolls and practice my quilting skills at the same time.

Some of the blocks on the patchwork pillow are off and the ruffled edge on the pillow is a little wonky but I think it turned out pretty cute. And more importantly, the girls love the teeny pillows!

All the squares are 3.5" x 3.5" so the quilt turned out to 12.5" x 15.5" which is just the size of the baby bed. The pillows are not quite 10" x 10" - small but the girls can still lay on them too.

This was also my first experience making double folded bias tape which was sooo tedious but I love the look of all the scrap pieces sewn together.

I'll post the other set - similar fabrics but in pink and purple - next week when I finish the quilt. The scraps for that quilt are very small and will require lots more stiches, snipping and ironing.

Goodnight ♥

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