May 24, 2010

Goodbye long hair, hello headbands!

After months of consideration and a chin length in-between-cut, I finally decided to cut off my hair for the summer. And I mean all off. I trimmed the back and sides to one inch but left the front a bit longer. Its cool (as in temperature), low maintenance and surprisingly turned out fairly even.

But I'm not in love it with it. My ears stick out too far and let's face it - I'm no Victoria Beckham. But its just hair and will grow back in time.

In the meantime, I will be making lots of cute headbands and other accessories to make sure I'm not mistaken for a boy (hopefully a cute boy?). Here's the first one, inspired by this tutorial at Prudent Baby.

This pic is pre-haircut. Love these colors together - just wish I would have put a strip of black velvet down the center to make it less kiddish. The blue and red fabrics came from a scrap pack I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago, the green is from Joann.


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